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Zoubida is remembered by the children she raised...

I’m a nanny for children with special needs in Ain Chock. Before that, I lived with a family in Marrakech for 5 years. The children remember me like a mother. The youngest sends me money via Western Union every Eid.

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Judy repays her family for their kindness...

I moved from China to New York when I was nine. Now that I’ve had my son, I understand that my family made a huge sacrifice to give me a better life, and I send them money every month to do the same for them.

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Catherine sends support to family in India...

My family and I left India in 1990 and settled in the US. I use Western Union to send money to family members back home. It helps us keep connected to our community and heritage.

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Have you helped a relative through college or sent money to a loved one in a time of need? Whatever your story, we want to hear how you've moved money for better with Western Union.

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