Young Legends Project By Nehemiah's Restoration, I

Daniel Friday, United States

I would use US$1,000 to support "Young Legends" project by Nehemiah's Restoration, Inc. ( in Kenya . This project is based in Siaya County of Kenya and it's main aim is to help STOP the Cycle of Poverty amongst families affected or infected by HIV and AIDS. Young Legends project supports impoverished but motivated boys and girls in their efforts to finish secondary school. This program identifies boys and girls who are bright and committed to pursuing an education and a better life, but do not have the meager resources needed to pay school fees. As HIV and AIDS orphaned children, they are often the last to receive whatever resources might be available from other sources. I’m moved by the desperate circumstances in which these marginalized children struggle to survive and I am committed to to make a difference in their lives and in their communities.. Thank you!