Where There Is No School The Future Dies

Sulay Gbana, Canada

Building and creating access to quality education is a major need for rural communities in west Africa-specifically Liberia,Lofa county.If I I win $1000 I will initiate the feeder school project.In remote villages in Liberia children do not have access to education because they have to walk one, two or more hours or walk through heavy forest and through rivers and creeks to access a nearby school which poses and great deed of danger and inability of children ages 4-8 to go school therefore the feeder school initiative Will be about helping communities with basic school materials and initiate training of community based volunteer teachers to start preschool for children in remote villages of Nyangita, Dadazu and fonyanpolu.this will be a great impact on because children will no longer be 12,13,14 years-old before they can start school.it will contribute to building solid future of tomorrow's leaders and bring the future alive