Water For Life

Sarah Kobayashi, United States

In the remote village of Veal Veng, Cambodia, nestled among the Cardamon Mountains, near the Thai border, local villagers do not have access to clean water. Passage to the nearest town, 6 hours away, is impassible during the rainy season. At this time, the villagers are able to collect rain water in large ceramic jars, but during the dry season, they gather their water from a stagnant pond contaminated by animal feces. This summer, I had the privilege of visiting with them for several days. They were so appreciative of the bottled water we brought. If I were given $1000, I would like to provide a well & good filtration system providing a reliable clean source of water year round. With water shortages predicted in the coming year, I am very concerned for the overall health & hygiene of these rural villagers. Please help make their world a better place!