Vocational Training In Nairobi, Kenya

Julie Armstrong, United States

I would give the money to the Poppy Academy and trade school, run by Christine Mutiso, that aids orphans and young war refugees in obtaining training for useful vocations in cosmetology, computer and business skills, sewing and cooking. Christine is the African director of the YOKE, of which I am International Director. The YOKE is a registered non-profit in the state of Iowa, and directs international actions of social justice, focusing on providing housing and education for orphans, child war refugees, and other young people marginalized by circumstances. Mutiso has the education, experience and ambition to make a major difference in the lives of the displaced young people of Africa. She has proven herself a trustworthy and gifted manager and leader, motivating many of her students to accomplish more than they could ever imagine. She ensures that they have documents, nutrition and housing so they may reach their dreams.