Ugandan Pearls Inc. - Nakiwaate Community Centre

Dee Potts, Australia

My name is Dee Potts & I am the founder of a small not for profit organisation which is based in central rural Uganda. I am based in Perth Western Australia & spend 2-3 months a year on project to oversea work being done and do the annual back to school shopping etc. We have 3 acres of land upon which we have a 20 bed children's home & where we grow our own crops & raise goats & chickens. We have a recently set up a x10 hive bee apiary to start producing honey and other bee by products all of this in the aim to one day be self sustainable. We would like to extend our new community library into a full community centre with learning resources & equipment relevant to the community needs in English language, computer skills, agriculture, animal husbandry, Sign language class's, craft making etc