Tubigan Para Sa Gulayan (Water For Vegetable Farm

Venus Parmisana, Philippines

I would use the $1K for the survivors of Typhoon Sendong that devastated land and people of Northern Mindanao particularly the Barangay Santiago, a depressed urban area in the city, where rehabilitation projects were not sustainable and thus, if given $1K, i would start a water project called Microcontroller-Based Water Management System (a R & D project by students in MSU-IIT) for vegetable farming that aims to help women farmers in watering the vegetables. This project could augment their meager income; help them give more valueable time to their children, many were left to fend for themselves looking for whatever to salvage from the nearby garbage dumpsite or were free to roam in the streets instead of going to school; their household activities, and even their own selves, all were less attended to due to attending to watering vegetables. The water system will better their lives.