The Poppin' College Tour

Amir Alexander, United States

The Poppin’ College Tour is a comprehensive program founded by Ypsilanti, Michigan native Ms. Amir Alexander, that is designed to assist at-risk youth with shaping a more positive future. The PCT utilizes public health principles to tackle complex issues that are barriers to success for inner city youth, such as: youth violence, low ambition, and low academic achievement in schools. The program features group discussions, workshops (i.e. goal-setting & more), a professional panel, and practical skill sessions such as mock job interview and resolving disputes illustrations; to help students improve both academically and personally. The funding would go toward transportation and supply costs for the program; of which, 51% of participants are girls ages 13-18. Students leave the program with an improved sense of purpose, an improved sense of the possibilities that exist for their future, as well as a personalized plan to help them achieve their vision of success.