Small Business For Family Of Tuberculusis Patient

Emely Vitualla, Philippines

I would use $1000 dollars to help the family of TB patient.At least 5 families. A small business like Sari-sari store to support the needs of the family while their breadwinner is under medication. I know how hard to survive the minimum time of 6-9 months of medication even its medicine are free from the government. Coz when you have Tuberculusis they will force you to stop working coz its a contageous disease. And after your medication your arent sure that you can still go back to your company or to other company coz of discrimination. I know how hard it is coz my husband has TB. That business might help them for a lifetime.It would give them daily earnings to use for daily needs of the family. Through the records of City Health Office I can look for TB patients whose very needy. Hope this wish would come true.