Scholarships For Rural Belize Families

Ann Mcgregor, United States

I am part of a small ecovillage in Belize, and we have many local, rural Belizean workers who help build and maintain our community, as well as neighbors who are primarily working in agriculture and day labor, living without electricity or running water. From a tiny seed of an idea in 2013, a few of us folks put together a scholarship program for BIB workers’ families, and now we are extending our reach to our wider community! In Belize, there are many expenses for even basic primary school – they have to have uniforms in good condition, proper supplies, and even have to pay to get their report cards released. The expenses are almost always more than the families can afford, and often result in going into debt to insure that their children get a good education, or students dropping out early. We want to help them stay in school.