Promote Ethnic Harmony In Afghanistan Storybooks

Kara Lozier, United States

Aarzoo, meaning ‘hope’ in Dari and Pashto, is the 10-year-old, mixed-ethnicity protagonist in this picture book promoting ethnic harmony in Afghanistan. When Aarzoo faces discrimination from classmates, her parents teach her, “You must choose to see the good in everybody” – a lesson others will learn through Aarzoo’s example. Civil war, the brutal Taliban regime, poverty, corruption, and extremism have exacerbated ethnic discord in Afghanistan. With over 70% under 25 years old, the new generation is poised to change history. Ethnic harmony is critical to unite them. Ethnically-biased behaviors are learned at a young age and children’s literature is a simple and effective way to teach Afghans, young and old, to be more tolerant, empathetic and open-minded. $1,000 will cover the cost to print 10,000 copies of our 32-page, unbound, brightly-illustrated book to distribute across the country. The average family size is 7.5 allowing us to reach over 75,000 people.