Orphans Education Matters

Timothy Brass, United States
I would use the $1000 to help Kirabo foundation, which is an orphan based foundation set up to help children who have lost one or both parents with support to be able to attend school. Kirabosupports more that 85 plus Ugandan orphans. A few years ago, I was one of these student. After losing my parents to HIV/AIDS I was fortunate enough for Kirabo to help me with my education when I had no one to help me. Many of Ugandan orphans have the same story and education is just a dream for any orphan in this third world country. In 2008, I was adopted by a loving family and promised myself to give back to this foundation whenever I could. This would be a great chance to give back to my fellow orphans. $1000 would equal 10 orphans schooling for a year! Thats 10 dreams becoming true. Thank you