Maternity Ward In Hospitals In Malawi (Africa)

Lyness Jere, United States

I would use the $1000 to contribute to the hospitals in Malawi in getting better equipment for the hospitals especially in the maternity ward.
I am originally Malawian by nationality and would really like to make a difference in my country however I can manage to.
Most of these women (especially in the government hospital) go to such hospitals because they cannot afford to pay for the private hospitals. Because of this, these hospitals don't have good equipment, or enough equipment and sanitary enough for all the births happening daily.
Most of these women live in the villages and they only hope that the both the mother and the baby will come out alive, it is never a certainity. I believe it would help many families if these hospitals had more equipment for this reason. Children are a gift from God, precious and innocent. They deserve this.