Makeshift Dormitory (Bahay Tuluyan Project)

Jerome Sinangote, Philippines

Make Makeshift Dormitory in the School for Indigenous People Students in the Mountains of Malapatan Sarangani Province who walked 4-5 hours, trek hilly terrains and crossed more than 14 rivers a day from their home just to arrived in the school vice versa. Since Sarangani Province is Hinterland it is not accessible in terms of transportation, because of these situation some students dropped out in the middle of the school year. Dormitory will serve as their home, they will stay during weekdays and go home when they want during weekends. It will help them to focus on study, far from Child Labor Incidences, Human Trafficking and Child abuse. This project will help students in the far flung areas to be motivated in schooling, big word to say that no one should be left behind in education as it provides richness, peaceful life and key to success to achieve their dreams.