Lutino Adunu Community Library

Shilla Adyero, United States

With a donation of $1,000, we will purchase additional 400 Ugandan curriculum books for the Lutino Adunu Community Library. At the moment, the library has only 150 Ugandan curriculum books and the demand for these book from children has tremendously increased in the past months. Currently, the library is being accessed by over 1200 children on a weekly basis.
Lutino Adunu was established to promote learning and support through a community library, sponsorship and the establishment of a school for rebuilding the lives of children in the post-war northern Uganda. Since opening the first community library, a soccer project, launching of adult literacy classes and the establishment of a micro-finance project for women in Nwoya district, Lutino Adunu have received tremendous support from the community as children and adults alike throng to the library.
We hope that you invest in the children of northern Uganda. We look forward to hearing from you.