Krusevac, Serbia Library

Walter Biondi, United States

Improve the selection and availability of books in a library that is significantly lacking. Since the Yugoslavian civil war period Serbian small cities, towns and villages have suffered severe economic setbacks. The morale of the citizens to take their communities out of the darkness and into new prosperity has been deteriorating to levels of individual and community worsening apathy. Importantly, I would ask for books to be supplied that would be non-fictional. Categories of books would include those that would help motivate and inspire individual entrepreneurship, business creation, medical profession opportunities, scientific studies, the financial industry, energy opportunities, the pharmaceutical industry, and other career pursuits that would aid in inspiring and motivating readers of books to have enhanced enthusiasm for the city's and nation's potential future through learning, education, enlightenment, commitment and action. This need has been mentioned time and again by Krusevac, Serbia citizen Natasa Simic.