Jobs To Poor Families Of Barangay Cancohoy

George Besitulo, Philippines

The $1000 could initially help tens of families in Barangay Cancohoy,Del Carmen,Surigao del Norte but eventually the hundreds of families in nearby barangays/villages who have no regular source of income.How?Presently I'm working on online projects from American businessmen which I normally outsource to meet the demand since I could not do the job alone.But with this opportunity from Western Union,I'm planning to have the jobs done by those people that needs it more here.The money could buy 3 computers and an internet connection and they could start doing the job after I trained them.The first batch would be 12 persons, 4 for each computer each day.They would receive the same rate as I do and a small percentage is deducted for the maintenance and for buying another computer so it could help another 4 people and continue the cycle. Jonathan Plaza, the leader of the 1st batch is the recipient.