Help The Aeta Kids A Chance At Better Education

Karlo Antonio Manzano, Philippines

If I were given $1,000... I would help out the Aeta Children of Sitio Bagong Silang in San Pablo, Castillejos, Zambales by building them their own library for their learning. Help the ALS (Alternative Learning System) teachers to have mobile Chalkboard, Chalks and Eraser for their reach out at Aeta Kids in the mountains as well. The Movement has already began, We provided them with set of books for their literacy program that even their parents would benefit from. We recently able to purchase a desktop computer for them and we were able to raise funds for the school bags and supplies for 160 kids before the start of this school year, and I want to do more. With the Library and Mobile Learning Kit for the ALS teachers, these kids will have a better shot at learning and hope to have a lasting solution to their literacy program.