Education And Livelihood For Molbogs In Balabac

Josefina Maria Pavico, Philippines

I will use the USD1,000 to develop instructional materials for Molbog-speaking teachers who will teach basic literacy and numeracy to Molbog communities who will be beneficiaries of livelihoods in a Project our NGO is implementing in Palawan. The Project is developing sustainable alternative livelihoods for poor fishing communities to reduce the pressure on fishing and saving turtles in Balabac, an island municipality at the southern tip of Palawan. No funds were allocated for educating the beneficiaries, most do not read nor count. The teachers will teach basic literacy and numeracy, help create the mindset that beneficiaries are managers of livelihoods and not recipients of grants, and oversee how the livelihoods are implemented. Integrating education and livelihood for indigenous communities can inspire other similar communities to do so. Education is the Bridge to Alternative Livelihoods for Indigenous Communities (BALIC)