Desks for IRUNDU Primary School in DR Congo

Juergen Daldrup, Germany

I would use the 1000 US$ to have a local carpenter on the High Plateau of Minembwe/Itombwe in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo make 30 desks for 3 children each of IRUNDU Primary School. Believe it or not, the school does not have any desks, nor has it ever had any. My name is Juergen Daldrup and I am the chairman of a small German Aid Organization called Mission Kongo e.V. and we work hard to get orphans and other needy children in Congo to school. I was made aware of the desolate situation at IRUNDU School in December when our local coordinator visited the place. The teachers are doing the best they can but need our support. We can manage this project through our local organization and it would benefit many many children in the years to come to learn better! THANKS!