Co-Operative Start-Up For Jamaican Informal Sector

Krystal Dixon, United States fund the start-up of worker co-operative in public informal markets in Jamaica. Worker co-operatives possess an array of benefits such as increased social protection, tax benefits, and access to business development services by the government. This collaborative type of business model can be most beneficial for businesses/workers that operate in informal markets due to vulnerabilities they face from operating there, such as high competition, high female participation, transiency, temporary employment, etc. Which further makes them vulnerable to falling into poverty. The $1000 would go towards funding a 2 week seminar, hosted by CoCoDI project, to help market vendors understand the benefits to worker co-ops and offer technical business training services catered to informal market businesses, which is not available for their sub-sector. More funds will be raised to aid groups of venders with the start-up costs of their co-op; costs generally include registration and market fees, increasing stock, etc.