Building Village Hope Brick-By-Brick

Ruth Munkubandapowell, United States

I would use US$1,000 to help the vulnerable and needy children in Kasempa, Zambia by completing the construction of the trades school facility which I started in 2008. As a result of extreme poverty, children drop out of school and those that are able to complete grade twelve, have nothing more to do. There are no industries for people to work and there no colleges in the district that can help young people to learn and gain skills.Therefore, some young people turn to alcoholism and others turn to marriage and continue the chain of extreme poverty. The completion of the trades school will give the new life skills such as computer skills, carpentry, farming and even sewing and knitting for girls. $1, 000 will ship four barrels of building materials to speed the construction, so learning can start. We also will buy some computers and sewing machines.