Books And A Computer For A Library I'm Building

Elvis Tangiri Ekinyoh Ndimba, Saudi Arabia

I am currently constructing a library 4 a college in a very remote village in Cameroon,Din. Din is in Noni, in the North west province. The entire funding of this project comes from my salary working as a teacher in Saudi Arabia. The building is near completion n it is my wish furnish it with +-1500 2nd hand text books. Because computers are a mere dream the more than 4000 students attending this college, i wish 2 provide them with at least 2 used computers 2 at least allow them a chance 2 learn how 2 use it. These students struggle 2 pay fees so helping them with text books wil b a dream come true. Please find on Facebook, a page i creatd asking 4 assistance which till date has not received any support. . Please browse thro the page for details. Membership would need approval.