Bettering the lives of river gypsy children

Shafiur Rahman, United Kingdom

I would use $1000 to bring education AND hygiene to 33 children of a river gypsy community or Bede who live in Teguria near the Padma river not far from the capital city of Dhaka. The area in which they reside used to have 4 latrines - now only 2 function. They often do not use the toilet and instead use their surroundings. This creates a whole set of hygiene problems. They had no school and most Bede kids do not receive an education because of their itinerant lifestyle. They even miss out on immunisation programmes. Last year with a GoFundMe crowd funding campaign I raised a small amount of money to build them a school hut. Funds would be used to build two toilets and for providing light for the school. The school will provide the children with basic literacy and knowledge of hygiene.