A Steam Camp In Guinea

Bintou Diallo, United States

I would use the 1,000 dollars to provide two to three out of school children in Guinea the opportunity to get an education. This initiative will come out of a STEAM Camp that Hope of Guinea, a non profit organization, is running this summer. Their goal is to give hope to all children in Guinea through educational initiatives that work towards educational reform and skills building for children and young people. With Ebola and a changing political system, we need to make sure that all children see themselves as leaders of their communities, countries and the world. This does not mean just students who have the opportunity to afford an education. To learn more about the Hope of Guinea STEAM Camp and how to sponsor out of school students who are participants, please visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hope-of-guinea-steam-camp-2016--2#/. The STEAM Camp is the start to building this hope, your gift continues it.